John Wetton


Bass: 03/75 - 08/76 

Album Artist Format Year Remarks
Struggle for life After Crying 2CD 2000 John sings Starless
Alive in hallowed halls Asia CD 2001 Live detroit 1983
America: Live in the usa Asia 2CD 2002 several songs co-written
Alpha Asia CD/LP 1983  
Anthologia: 20th anniversary/geffen years collection: 1982 - 1990 Asia 2CD 2002  
Asia Asia CD/LP/MC 1982  
Asia in concert Asia CD/DVD 2002  
Astra Asia CD/LP/MC 1985  
Aurora Asia EP    
Days like these Asia CD-S 1990 3 versions
Days like these/Am I in love? Asia S 1990  
Don't cry Asia S 1983 one sided promo
Don't cry/Daylight Asia S 1983  
Don't cry/Daylight/True Colours Asia 12" 1983  
Don't cry/Don't cry Asia S 1983 us promo
Don't cry/The smile has left your eyes Asia S 1983  
Don't cry/True colors Asia S 1983  
Fantasia Asia 2CD 2007  
Go remix Asia 12" 1986  
Go/After the war Asia S 1985  
Go/Go Asia S 1985 us promo
Gold Asia 2CD 2005 compilation
Gravitas Asia CD/DVD 2014  
Heat of the moment Asia S 1982 one sided promo
Heat of the moment/Ride easy Asia S 1982  
Heat of the moment/Time again Asia S 1982  
High voltage  london 24-07-201 Asia 2CD 2010  
Live in barcelona 19-05-2008 Asia 2CD 2008  
Live in nottingham Asia CD 1997  
Live in russia Asia CD 1999 same as "live mockba 09-X!-90"?
Live In San Francisco 5th May 2008 Asia CD 2008  
Live mockba: 09-XI-90 Asia CD 1991  
Live in tokyo 2008 Asia 2CD 2008  
Only time will tell/Only time will tell Asia S 1982 us promo
Only time will tell/Ride easy Asia S 1982  
Only time will tell/Time again Asia S 1982  
Phoenix Asia CD 2008 Japanese and European release with different bonustrack
Prayin'4 a miracle Asia CD-S 1991 2 versions
Sole survivor/Here comes the feeling Asia S 1982  
The asia story featuring john wetton Asia CD 2003 compilation
The best of asia Asia CD   compilation
The definitive collection Asia CD 2006 compilation
The heat goes on/The last to know Asia S 1983  
The smile has left your eyes/Lying to yourself Asia S 1983  
The smile has left your eyes/The smile has left your eyes Asia S 1983 us promo
The smile has left your eyes/Lying to yourself/Midnight sun Asia 12"    
Then & now Asia CD 1990 compilation
The very best of asia (Heat of the moment) Asia CD 2000  
Wishing/Too late Asia S 1986  
XXX Asia CD/CD+DVD 2012  
Rock puzzle Atoll LP/CD 1981  
The theory of everything Ayreon 2CD/DVD 2013  
Peter banks Banks, Peter LP 1973  
Two sides of peter banks Banks, Peter CD/LP 1971  
Take no prisoners Byron, David CD/LP 1975  
David cassidy Cassidy, David LP/CD 1992 the prisoner co-written
Hyeanas only laugh for fun Chapman, Roger & the Short List LP/CD 1981  
Mail order magic Chapman, Roger & the Short List LP 1980  
Love hurts Cher LP/CD 1991 I'll never stop loving you co-written
Exiles Cross, David CD 1997  
The greatest show on earth Darvill, Martin and Friends CD 1999  
Stranded Edwards Hands LP 1970  
Here come the warm jets Eno, Brian CD/LP/MC 1973  
Eyes of a woman Faltskog, Agneta LP 1981 We move as one co-written
Bandstand Family, the LP    
Burlesque/The rocking r's Family, the S 1972  
Castle masters collection Family, the CD 1990  
Fearless Family, the CD/LP 1971  
Fearless/It's only a movie Family, the 2CD    
Family live Family,the CD 2004  
My friend the sun/Glove Family, the S 1973  
The best of Family, the LP    
Another time, another place Ferry, Brian CD/LP/MC 1974  
Heart on my sleeve/Price of love Ferry, Brian S 1976  
In your mind Ferry, Brian LP/MC 1977  
Let's stick together Ferry, Brian LP 1976  
Let's stick together/Sea breezes Ferry, Brian S 1976  
Smoke get's in your eyes/Another time, another place Ferry, Brian S 1974  
The bride stripped bare Ferry, Brian LP 1978  
This is tomorrow/As the world turns Ferry, Brian S 1977  
Tokyo joe/She's leaving home Ferry, Brian S 1977  
You go to my head/Re-make, re-model Ferry, Brian S 1975  
Lovepower and peace George's Lovepower, Robin CD 2011  
Pure air Giersbergen, Anneke van CD 2009 Vocals on To catch a thief
Genesis files Hackett, Steve 2CD 2002  
Genesis revisited Hackett, Steve CD 1998  
The tokyo tapes Hackett, Steve 2CD 1998  
It is and it isn't Haskell, Gordon LP 1971  
Ballads - the greatest hits Heart CD 1996  
Running blind Hensley, Ken CD 2002  
More than conquerors Hensley, Ken & John Wetton CD 2002  
I wish you would Jack Knife LP 1979  
I love you this much Jefferson LP 1971  
Cirkus King Crimson CD 1999  
Lark's tongues in aspic King Crimson CD/LP/MC 1973  
Lark's tongues in aspic King Crimson S 1973 us promo
Live in bremen 1972 King Crimson CD    
Red King Crimson CD/LP/MC 1974  
Schizoid man King Crimson CD 1996  
Sleepless King Crimson   1993  
Starless and bible black King Crimson CD/LP/MC 1974  
Sleepless | The concise king crimson King Crimson CD 1993  
The essential king crimson King Crimson 4CD 1991  
The great deceiver (live 1973-1974) King Crimson 4CD 1992  
The night watch/The great deceiver King Crimson S 1974  
The night watch King Crimson 2CD 1998  
USA King Crimson LP 1975  
No strings attached Liesegang CD 1996  
Genius - A rock opera Liverani, Daniele CD 2002  
Score Mackay, Duncan LP 1976  
Spaghetti smooch/Fugitive Mackay, Duncan S 1977  
Windfall Malcolm & Alwyn LP 1971  
Diamond head Manzanera, Phil CD/LP 1975  
Guitarissimo Manzanera, Phil CD 1987  
K-scope Manzanera, Phil LP 1978  
One world Manzanera, Phil CD 1987  
Primitive guitars Manzanera, Phil LP/CD 1982  
Southern cross Manzanera, Phil CD 1989  
The manzanera collection Manzanera, Phil 2CD 1995 compilation
Drivers eyes McDonald, Ian CD 1999  
Promise Name, the CD 1989 producer
Mogul trash Mogul Trash LP/CD 1971  
Sleeping in the kitchen/Saint peter Mogul Trash S    
Project X Phenomena CD 1997 Best of
Did it all for love Phenomena II S 1987  
Dreamrunner Phenomena II LP/CD 1987  
Rock my soul/Banzi/Did it all for love/Surrender Phenomena II 12" 1993  
Epilogue Prog Collective, the CD 2013  
Live in the hood Qango CD 2007  
Jungle law Rambow, Phil LP 1981  
A tribute to jimi hendrix Roth, Uli John CD 1999  
More than this - the best of bryan ferry + roxy music Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry CD 1995 compilation
Street life * 20 great hits Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry 2LP/CD/MC 1986 compilation
Psalm Roxy Music 2CD 1995 live set with one audio and one video CD
The in'crowd/Chance meeting Roxy Music S 1974  
Viva roxy Roxy Music LP    
Seeking major tom Shatner, William 2CD 2011  
Still Sinfield, Pete CD/LP 1973  
Chapman, whitney streetwalkers Streetwalkers LP 1974  
Concert classics vol.4 U.K. CD 1999  
Danger money U.K. LP 1979  
In the dead of night/Mental medication1 U.K. S 1978  
Live in america U.K. CD 2007  
Night after night U.K. LP 1979  
Night after night/ When will you realize U.K. S 1979  
Nothing to lose/- U.K. 12" 1979  
Nothing to lose/In the dead of night U.K. S 1979  
Rendez-vous 6:02/In the dead of night U.K. S 1978  
U.K. U.K. LP 1978  
A progressive and art rock primer V.A. CD 1997  
A collection of tull tales V.A. CD   nothing is easy
Encores, Legend and Paradox V.A. CD 1999 ELP tribute
Just like ... a tribute to queen V.A. CD 2010 Queen tribute
Led Box: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute V.A. 2CD 2008  
Over the top V.A. CD 1987  
Progfest '97 V.A. 2CD 1998  
Schizoid dimension V.A. CD 1997 King Crimson tribute
Sometimes god smiles V.A. CD 1998  
The fox lies down V.A. CD 1998 Genesis tribute
The many faces of pink floyd V.A. 3CD 2013  
The sky goes all the way home V.A. CD 1999 John plays Adagietto
The ultimate tribute to led zeppelin V.A. 2CD    
To cry you a song V.A. CD 1996 Jethro Tull tribute
Voiceprint V.A. CD 1997 Asia, UK, Wetton/Dowmes promo
Don't leave me now/Cry no more Vow Wow S 1987  
Legacy Vow Wow CD   co-producer
Revive Vow Wow CD    
Twin best Vow Wow CD 1996 Don't leave me now co-written
V Vow Wow LP/CD 1987 co-producer
Akustika - live in amerika Wetton, John CD 1996  
Amata Wetton, John CD 2004 acoustic concert
Arkangel Wetton, John CD 1998 different versions
Anthology Wetton, John CD 2001 compilation
Battle lines Wetton, John CD 1994 same as Voice mail
Battle lines/Starless/Rendez-vous/The smile has left Wetton, John CD-S 1995  
Battle lines/Take these tears/Walking on air Wetton, John CD-S 1995  
Caught in the crossfire Wetton, John CD/LP 1980  
Chasing the deer Wetton, John CD 1998  
Chasing the dragon Wetton, John CD/MC 1995  
Chasing: live in japan Wetton, John CD    
Hazy monet live in new york may 1997 Wetton, John CD    
I'll be there/Woman Wetton, John S 1980  
Jacknife Wetton, John CD    
King's road 1972 - 1980 Wetton, John CD/LP/MC 1987 compilation
Live at the sun plaza tokyo Wetton, John CD 2000  
Live at Xm Satellite radio Wetton, John CD 2005?  
Live in argentina Wetton, John 2CD 2002  
Live in new york city Wetton, John CD 1997  
Live in stockholm Wetton, John CD 1999  
Live in the underworld Wetton, John DVD/2CD 2003  
Live in the underworld Wetton, John 2CD 2003  
Live in tokyo october 1997 Wetton, John CD 1999  
Nomansland Wetton, John CD 1999 live in poland 1998
Raised in captivity Wetton, John CD 2011  
Rendez-vous/Hold me now/Rendez-vous/Hold me now Wetton, John CD-S 1996  
Right where I wanted to be/Take these tears/Walking on air Wetton, John CD-S 1994  
Rock of faith Wetton, John CD 2003  
Sinister Wetton, John CD 2001  
Sub rosa Wetton, John CD 1999 live in milano july 1998
The john wetton fan convention "An evening with John Wetton" Wetton, John CD 2002 unedited version
The john wetton fan convention "An evening with John Wetton" Wetton, John CD 2002 edited version
Turn on the radio/Get what you want Wetton, John S 1980  
Voice mail Wetton, John CD 1994 same as Battle lines
Welcome to heaven Wetton, John CD 2000  
Icon Wetton, John & Geoffrey Downes CD 2005  2010 version with bonustracks
Icon II - Rubicon Wetton, John & Geoffrey Downes CD 2006  
Icon - Acoustic TV broadcast Wetton, John & Geoffrey Downes CD 2006  
Icon 3 Wetton, John & Geoffrey Downes CD 2009  
Icon - Heat of the rising sun Wetton, John & Geoffrey Downes 2CD 2012  
John  Wetton & Geoffrey Downes Wetton, John & Geoffrey Downes CD 2001  
One way or another Wetton, John & Ken Hensley CD 2002  
Keep on loving yourself/Keep on loving yourself Wetton/Manzanera 12" 1987 us promo
One world Wetton/Manzanera CD 1997 re-release of Wetton/ Manzanera (1 bonustrack)
Wetton/Manzanera Wetton/Manzanera CD/LP/MC 1987  
Monkey business Wetton/Palmer-James CD 1999  
Number the brave Wishbone Ash LP/MC/CD 1981  
Underground Wishbone Ash S 1980  

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