Gary Thain


Bass: 02/72 - 01/75  

Album Artist Format Year Remarks
Bright city Anderson, Miller CD/LP 1971  
Scooby doobydoo Dupree, Champion Jack LP 1969  pseudonym Wallace Tring
Halfbreed Hartley Band, Keef CD/LP/MC 1969  
Little big band Hartley Band, Keef CD/LP/MC 1971  
Little big band/Seventy second brave Hartley Band, Keef CD 2003  
Live at aachen open air Hartley Band, Keef CD 2014  
Not foolish not wise Hartley Band, Keef CD 1999  
Overdog Hartley Band, Keef CD/LP/MC/8T 1971  
Seventy second brave Hartley Band, Keef CD/LP 1972  
The battle of north west six Hartley Band, Keef LP 1969  
The time is near Hartley Band, Keef CD/LP/MC 1970  
Proud words on a dusty shelf Hensley, Ken CD/LP/8T    
Uncovered New Nadir, the/Me And The Others LP 1967/2009  
It's you/You're wrong Secrets, the S 1966  
Can't help forgiving you/I'll never be blue Strangers, the S 1965 Gary and Arthur Thains group before KHB
My blue heaven/The dark at the top of the stars Strangers, the S 1963  
Pretend/Alright Strangers, the S 1964  
Fiends & angels Velez, Martha CD/LP 1970  Swamp man/Tell mama
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