John Sloman


Vocals: 09/79 - 07/80

Album Artist Format Year Remarks
Aciarium Aciarium CD 1996  
Trust Brother Beyond CD 1989  
Mainstream Cole, Lloyd LP/CD/MC 1987  
It ain't over till it's over Clarke, Fast Eddie CD/MC 1993  
Firing on all six Lone Star LP 1977  
Hypnotic mover/All of us to all of you Lone Star S    
Live at the BBC Lone Star CD 1994  
Lone star/Firing on all six Lone Star CD 2004  
Ridin' high Lone Star CD 2000  
Corridors of power Moore, Gary LP/MC    
Rockin' every night Moore, Gary CD/LP/8T 1983  
Big Original Musical Soundtrack CD 1996  
The journey goes on Praying Mantis CD 2003  
Dark matter Sloman, John CD 2003  
Disappearences can be deceptive ... Sloman, John CD/LP/MC 1989  
El dorado Sloman, John CD 2018  
Perfect strangers Sloman, John S 1988  
Reclamation Sloman, John CD 2009  
13 storeys Sloman, John CD 2006  
True brits True Brits CD 1993  
Metal christmas V.A. CD 1994  
We're british - we're metal -we're rock We're British - We're Metal -We're Rock CD 1993  
Planet 51 O.S. CD 2009  
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