Bernie Shaw


Vocals: 11/86 - now

Album Artist Format Year Remarks
Picking locks Collins, Dale & Bernie Shaw CDS 1999  
Grand prix Grand Prix LP/MC/CD 1980  
Matase alba Iris CD 2002  
Mayhem Mortice CD 2003  
Demorabilia Praying Mantis/Escape 2CD  1999  
The best of ... Praying Mantis CD    
Excalibur IV Simon, Alan CD 2017  
Throwing shapes Stratus LP 1985  
666 The number one beast vol. 1 V.A. CD 2001 tribute to Iron Maiden
The maiden story vol. 2


V.A. CD 2001 also released as: A tribute to iron maiden: death or glory- celebrating the beast vol. 2 (2016)
Hard rock no. 43 V.A. CD 2000  
Hard 'n' heavy V.A. CD 2001  
Killers on the loose again V.A. CD 2000 also released as:Just like ... A tribute to Thin Lizzy (2011) and The boys are back (2001)
Snakebites                                                                               V.A. CD


also released as: Just like ... A tribute to Whitesnake
Just like ... A tribute to UFO V.A. CD 2011 tribute to UFO
Metal Madness V.A. CD 2001  
Only ufo can rock me V.A. CD 2001 a.k.a. a tribute to UFO
Uriah Heep - Gebouw T - Bergen op Zoom

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