Nigel Olsson


Drums: 18/02/1970 - 04/70

Album Artist Format Year Remarks
Everything stops for tea Baldry, John CD/LP 1972  
Something new Benton, Barbi LP/MC/8T 1975  
Resurrection Big Three, the LP 1973  
Not dressed for the occassion Blackstone, Jon & the Rest Of Us CD 1998  
Temporary tattoos Blakey, Saint John CD 1995  
As I am Britton, Chris CD/LP 1969  
White on white Cadd, Brian LP 1976  
Boats against the current Carmen, Eric CD/LP/MC/8T 1977  
Change of heart Carmen, Eric CD/LP/MC 1978  
Cate brothers Cate Brothers, the CD/LP/MC 1975  
Chris christian Christian, Chris CD/LP 1981  
Swallow tales Cochise CD/LP 1971  
Lisa dal bello Dal Bello, Lisa CD/LP 1977 on 1 track0
Paul davis Davis, Paul CD/LP 1980  backing vocals
Singer of songs, teller of tales Davis, Paul CD/LP 1978  
Funky Davis Group, Spencer CD/LP 1969  
Loving and free Dee, Kiki LP 1973  
Tom Thumb Dinner, Michael LP 1976  
Farewell fairbanks Edelman, Randy CD/LP 1975  
If love is real Edelman, Randy CD/LP 1977  
You're the one Edelman, Randy CD/LP 1979  
David elliot Elliot, David CD/LP 1972  
Keep america beautiful, get a haircut Fenwick, Ray CD/LP 1971  
River of love Foster, David CD/LP/MC 1990  
Great dirty world Gowan CD/LP 1987  
Mick the lad Grabham, Mick LP 1972  
Guitar orchestra Guitar Orchestra CD 1997  
Too country Hardwick, Billy CD-S 1992  
Communication Hookfoot CD/LP 1973  
In my time Hurst, Mike LP 1971  
21 at 33 John, Elton CD/LP/MC 1980  
Breaking hearts John, Elton CD/LP/MC/8T 1984  
Captain fantastic and the brown dirty cowboy John, Elton CD/LP/MC/8T 1975  
Caribou John, Elton CD/LP/MC/TAPE/8T 1974  
Don't shoot me.. I'm only the piano player John, Elton LP 1972  
Elton 60 live at madison square garden John, Elton 2DVD+CD 2007  
Elton john live 17-11-70 John, Elton LP 1970  
elton john's greatest hits volume II John, Elton LP 1980  
Elton john's the road to eldorado John, Elton CD 2000  
Empty sky John, Elton CD/LP/MC/TAPE/8T 1969  
Feat. John lennon & the muscle shoal horns John, Elton LP 1981  
Friends John, Elton LP/MC/8T 1971  
Goodbye yellow brick road John, Elton 2LP 1973  
Here & there John, Elton LP 1976  
Honky chateau John, Elton LP 1972  
I guess that's why they call it the blues/Choc Ice goes mental John, Elton S 1983 B-side Lord Choc Ice
Jump up John, Elton LP 1982  
Madman across the water John, Elton CD/LP/MC/8T 1971  
One night only John, Elton CD 2000  
Peachtree road John, Elton CD 2004  
Reg strikes back John, Elton CD 1988 backing vocals
Songs from the westcoast John, Elton CD 2001  
The captain & the kid John, Elton CD 2006  
The fox John, Elton LP 1981  
The one John, Elton CD 1992  
The road to eldorado John, Elton CD/MC 2000 backing vocals
Too low for zero John, Elton LP 1983  
Tumbleweed connection John, Elton CD/LP/MC/TAPE/8T 1970  
Wonderful crazy night John, Elton CD/LP 2016  
Smiling face Johnstone, Davey CD/LP 1973  
The keane brothers Keane Brothers, the CD/LP 1977  
Still holdin' on Marshall Tucker Band CD/LP/MC/ 1986 Backing vocals on 1 track
Guitar haus McAvinchey, Dan CD 1997  
Greatest hits volume II Manilow, Barry LP 1983  
The musicians union band Musicians Union Band, the 2LP/CD 1971  
Once in a while Olsson, Kai LP 1975  
Changing tides Olsson, Nigel LP 1980  
Move the universe Olsson, Nigel CD 2001  
Nigel Olsson, Nigel CD/LP/8T 1979  
Nigel olsson's drum orchestra and chorus Olsson, Nigel CD/LP 1971  
Nigel olsson's drum orchestra and chorus volume 2 Olsson, Nigel CD 2001  
Nigel olsson Olsson, Nigel LP/8T 1975  
Nigel olsson Olsson, Nigel LP 1978  
Currency Plastic Penny CD/LP 1969  
Two sides a penny Plastic Penny CD/LP/MC 1968  
Bonnie pointer Pointer, Bonnie CD/LP 1978  
Michel polnareff Polnareff, Michel CD/LP/MC 1975  
Ear Candy Reddy, Helen LP/MC/8T 1977 backing vocals
If only my heart had a voice Rogers, Kenny CD/LP 1993  
Prisoner in disguise Ronstadt, Linda CD/LP/MC/8T 1975  
Wedding album Russel, Leon & Mary CD/LP/MC/8T 1976  
Word called love Russell, Brian and Brenda LP 1976  
Endless flight Sayer, Leo LP 1976  on Endless flight
Hungry years Sedaka, Neil LP 1975  
In the pocket Sedaka, Neil LP 1980  
Steppin' out Sedaka, Neil LP 1976  
Wait for the night Springfield, Rick LP 1976  
Atlantic crossing Stewart, Rod LP/CD/MC 1975  
Twice nightly Tremblers, the LP 1980  
Through the looking glass Toto CD 2002 backing vocals on 1 track
Random hearts V.A. CD 1999 original soundtrack
Tommy, the movie V.A. 2LP/CD/MC 1975 original soundtrack on 1 track
Holes in the heavens Warpipes CD 1992  
El mirage Webb, Jimmy LP 1977  
Land's end Webb, Jimmy LP 1974  
Heaven help the fool Weir, Bob LP 1977  2 tracks
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