Mark Clarke


Bass: 11/71 - 02/72  

Album Artist Format Year Remarks
Bear Bear, Richard T. LP 1979  
Captured live Bear, Richard T. LP 1979  
Movin' to the moon Clarke, Mark CD 2010  
Michael bolton Bolton, Michael LP/CD 1983  
Anthology Colosseum 2CD   compilation
Bread & circuses Colosseum CD 1997  
Colosseum lives: the reunion concerts 1994 part I Colosseum CD 1994  
Daughter of time Colosseum LP/CD 1970  
Colosseum live Colosseum 2LP 1971  
Live05 Colosseum 2CD 2007  
Morituri te salutant - Colosseum: 1968 - 2003 Colosseum 4CD 2009 on stage & in the studio
The best of Colosseum LP    
Time on our side Colosseum CD 2014  
Tomorrow's blues Colosseum CD 2003  
A story ended Heckstall Smith, Dick LP/CD 1972  
Heroes JCM LP/CD 2018  
Eager to please Hensley, Ken CD/LP 1975  
Free spirit Hensley, Ken CD/LP/MC 1980  
From time to time Hensley, Ken CD/LP 1994  
The anthology Hensley, Ken CD 2000  
The best of ken hensley Hensley, Ken LP 1990  
All of the good ones are taken Hunter, Ian LP 1983  
Live!!! Jones, Davy CD 2004  
20th anniversary concert tour Monkees, the CD 1986 a.k.a Live
Eruption Mountain 2CD 2004  
Go for your life Mountain LP 1985  
Man's world Mountain CD 1996  
Official mountain bootleg series vol.8 Mountain CD 2005  
Over the top Mountain CD    
Natural gas Natural Gas LP/CD 1976/2010  
Absolute hits Squier, Billy CD 2005  
Creatures of habit Squier, Billy CD/LP 1991  
Don't say no Squier, Billy LP/CD/MC/8T 1981  
Hear and now Squier, Billy CD/LP/MC 1989  
Reach for the sky, the anthology Squier, Billy 2CD/2MC 1996  
Tell the truth Squier, Billy CD/MC 1993  
Living in fear Tempest LP/CD/MC 1974  
Tempest Tempest LP/CD/MC 1973  
Cast the first stone Urgent LP 1985  
Guitarded West, Leslie CD 2005  
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