3 weeks/3 countries/3 concerts

Orgelvreten/Ken Hensley & Live Fire/VostertFeesten with Uriah Heep

Venlo, Netherlands/Bad Homburg, Germany/Bree/belgium


Helden - The Netherlands

We started our holidays in Helden (Limburg, the Netherlands) close to Venlo.

Orgelvreten - zomerparkfeesten 2013 - venlo

During the Zomerparkfeesten in Venlo was Orgelvreten (the merciless Hammond Battle) one of the bands on stage.



 On tuesday we left the Netherlands and went to a camping in the Spessart (Germany) near Gemünden.


Ken Hensley & Live Fire in Bad Homburg 2013

The next friday we went to Bad Homburg to see Ken Hensley & Live Fire.

Ken Hensley & Live Fire in Bad Homburg 2013

more pictures on www.uriahheep-discography.com/gigs/2013/hensley01.htm