Uriah Heep market sheepUriah sHeep market

June 18th, 2005      Langbroek (NL)


Uriah Heep market Circle of Hands

Saturdaymorning 10.00: Circle of Hands arrived in Dorpshuis "de Toekomst" (the Future) in Langbroek, They started to build up the set.

Uriah Heep market sold outAbout 250 people were expected for the third Uriah sHeepmarket, which is the limit for this small venue. It was sold out (Uitverkocht)

    Uriah Heep market

Around 12:00 the first people arrived, the Reuters family from Aachen and Monique and Ab van Mourik. Ab organised the present for the Rantala family.

Uriah Heep market present Henrik

Uriah Heep market soundcheck Circle of HandsCircle of Hands guitarplayer Reiner Nold and new bassplayer Adi Cooper during the soundcheck