Uriah Heep

July 1th, 2005    St-Lievens-Houtem (B)

Just two weeks after the Uriah sHeepmarket with Ken Hensley in Langbroek I travelled to Belgium to see Uriah Heep live. The last time I was i Belgium for Uriah Heep was at the Schwung festival in Roeselare in 1999. This time they were near Gandt (Gent) in cc De Fabriek in St-Lievens-Houtem.

I left home at 14.00 hour, because I was expected at 15.30 at Louis' house in Bergen op Zoom. We picked up Marcel. We missed all the traffic jam at the ring of Antwerp and arrived less than one and a half hour later at De Gouden Leeuw in St- Lievens-Houtem. A few Dutch fans were already there like Ab en Marjon. They were waiting for Bernie to give him a present for his wedding with Radka in August.

Uriah Heep in Belgium 2005, Bernie and Ab    Uriah Heep in Belgium 2005

 Uriah Heep in Belgium 2005 Ab and his wife Marjon together with Bernie and the special made beermats. Uriah Heep in Belgium 2005










Uriah Heep in Belgium 2005

After a few drinks we had another Heep dinner with some "famous" Uriah Heep fans :0)

and the guys of Y & T.

After the dinner we walked around the church to CC De Fabriek. The openingsact had already gone.


Uriah Heep in Belgium 2005