Uriah Heep

Netherlands, Helmond


Heep Inn

We, Frans, Fred and I, arrived at 16.15 at Plato in Helmond. We were the first Heep-fans. The Heep-Inn should begin at 17.00 hours so we had a little time to place the tables near the entrace, to check the list of participants. etc. At 16.45 the first people tried to get in, but despite the snow, we weren't allowed to lt them in. Sorry again Leo and Monique and all the others. But because of the snow the doors opened a litlle bit earlier. The bus from Bergen op Zoom arrived around 17.00 hour  and after half an hour about 130 people had entered the Heep-Inn. Mick, Phil and Bernie arrived a little bit later for the soundcheck. Everybody was talking, eating (oliebollen) and drinking. Louis and Diana were selling the merchandise of Mostly Autumn and Uriah Heep. When the soundcheck was finished Louis started the raffle. Uriah Heep, Helmond, Netherlands The chance to win something was not so bad there were about 130 numbers and 6 prizes. Nummber 88 was very lucky because he had two prizes on one number. If you didn't win anything, maybe there's a new chance next year. During the raffle Louis had to wear the golden jacket he won two weeks ago in London.




                The youngest kids offered Bernie some nice drawings.

Bernie Shaw, Uriah Heep, helmond







Three members of the band continued signing albums and talking to their fans.

Uriah Heep - Helmond







Uriah Heep - Helmond - 2001

Ruud Verhalle (with cap) (http://www.ruudverhalle.nl)  is the photographer of the picture

inside "The Remasters"-album. The picture is taken at 013 in Tiburg, The Netherlands.

Mick Box signed the original photograph.

Uriah Heep - Mick Box - Helmond - 2001













Uriah Heep - Helmond - 2001 - Heep in










Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome....

The Heep Magician .........

Uriah Heep - Helmond - 2001 - Heep in



Louis Rentrop




Ready for the raffle.Uriah Heep - Helmond - 2001 - Heep in