Uriah Heep



Uriah Heep in Tilburg, may 15th 1994

Brief translation of the text:

To survive 20 years of "rock business" is worth a medail. But to look to the future after all these years with the freshness of a young band is very special. Uriah heep is still a dynamic hardrock band like in the seventies with albums like Salisbury, The magician's birthday and Look at yourself and the very succesfull single Easy livin,
The band exist from Mick Box, guitar, Trevor Bolder, bass and Lee Kerslake on drums and the "new" singer Bernie Shaw and keyboardplayer Phil Lanzin. Not all the albums were succesfull, but albums like Equator, Anthology and Live in Moscow ( ten shows with 185.000 visitors) became good and surprising recencies. The album Different world is the next step  into the nineties and who knows for the next twenty years. Uriah Heep is a modest band, which don't like videoclips or a superstarstatus. They're no photomodels, but hard workin' musicians who had a great influence on other people with their melodic rock and nuanced metal.