Uriah Heep W - Y

Label Format Labelnr. Year Country Remarks
Wake the sleeper
 Sanctuary CD 1767027 2008 EU  
 Sanctuary CD   2008 EU Promocopy with bonustrack
 Sanctuary LP 1767594 2008 EU  
Wake up
  10"       acetate
Wake up
Earmark Metal 6CD-s EA41051SEP 2006 I. box contains 6 vinyl singles
Earmark Metal 6 S EA41051SCD   I box contains 6 cd-singles
Wake up/Come away melinda
Mercury S 73145 1970 USA  
Wake up/Gypsy/Wake up/Walking in your shadow
Vertigo S 6277199 1970 PER  
Wake up/Wake up
Mercury S DJ 294 1970 USA promo copy
Wake up 1/Wake up 2/Gypsy/Walking in your shadow/Bird of prey
Vertigo S 6277100 1970 PER 33 1/3 rpm
Walking in your shadow/All my life/Easy livin'/I wanna be free
Four Track S FT907   THAI  
Walking in your shadow/Gypsy/Look at yourself/Love machine
Royal Sound S 054   THAI  
TKR S 054   THAI  
We got we/Something or nothing/I won't mind
Four Track S FT130   THAI picture sleve
What should be done/I wanna be free
Mercury S DJ 336 1971 USA promo copy
What's it all about
TRAV S MA 1446   USA promo for presbyterian church
Wise man/Crime of passion
Bronze S BRO 37 1977 UK  
Bronze S PD1411 1977 S-A  
Wise man/Who needs me
Bronze S 17 878 AT 1977 NL picture sleeve
Woman of the world
Biem CARD 55-642   POL  
Woman of the world/You can't keep a good band down
Bronze S 16871 XT 1976 GER picture sleeve, promo copy
BMG Music Japan CD BVCM-37721 2006 JAP paper sleeve mini LP CD
BMG CD bocm 37721 2004 JAP remastered with bonustracks
Bronze/BMG Ariola CD 260 134   GER  
Bronze/Teichiku CD TECP-18013 1989 JAP  
Castle CD CLACD 184 1990 UK  
Castle CD CLC 5112 1992 GER  
Castle Music America CD  CMACD 528 1999 USA  
Essential/Castle CD ESMCD 380 1996 UK remastered, includes bonustracks
Essential/Edel CD GAS0000380ESM   GER  
Legacy/PRT CD LLMCD3017 1989 UK  
LegacyCarrere CD 96665   F innersleeve with live in moscow logo
Roadrunner/Important CD RR-9352-2 1991 USA  
Sanctuary Midline CD SMRCD012 2004 UK remastered expanded edition
Sequel CD SEQUEL 1003-2 1996 USA  
Bronze LP 30857 1974 ISR  
Bronze LP 87931 1974 NL test-pressing "Cruquius"
Bronze LP 6357228 1974 NZ  
Bronze LP 2406213 1983 BRA  
Bronze LP 0009280.8y 1977 PERU  
Bronze LP 28 198 XAT 1974 NL  
Bronze LP 28 779 ET 1974 GER  
Bronze LP 87 931 IT 1974 GER  
Bronze LP 87 931 XOT 1975 GER  
Bronze LP 87931 IT 1974 NL  
Bronze LP BRNA 280 1977 UK  
Bronze LP BRON 280 1974 UK  
Bronze LP BRON 280 1974 UK 1 sided testpressing
Bronze LP ILPS 9280 1974 ISR  
Bronze LP ILPS 9280   SWE  
Bronze LP ILPS 9280 1974 UK  
Bronze LP LSB70655   YUG  
Bronze LP YP-7067-BZ   JAP  
Bronze LP   1974 BRA  
Bronze/WEA LP 6357228 1974 N-Z  
Bronze/WEA LP 893001   F  
Castle LP CLALP 184 1991 UK  
Chrysalis LP CHR-1227 1979 USA  
Chrysalis LP CHR-1227   USA testpressing
Columbia LP   1974 USA testpressing
Island/Bronze LP ILPS 9280 1974 GR  
Legacy LP LLMLP 3017 1989 UK  
Phonogram LP 6357 228   AUS  
SNC LP ME2039 1993 USSR  
Warner LP W2800 1974 CAN  
Warner LP W2800 1974 USA promo copy
Warner LP W2800 1974 USA  
  LP     KOR red cover
  LP     TAI  
Bronze MC 54941 GT   UK  
Bronze MC 56 769 YT   GER  
Warner Brothers MC        
Phonogram MC 7214 010   AUS  
Roadrunner MC RR-9352-4      
Bronze 8T 91036 ST   UK  
Wonderworld/Somethimg or nothing/We got we/Suicidal man
Bronze S 610000 1974 BRA 33 1/3 rpm
Wonderworld/Suicidal man/So tired/The shadow and the wind
Festival S FT129   THAI picture sleeve
Wonderworld/Suicidal man/Something or nothing/So tired
CashBox S KS 256   THAI picture sleeve
Wonderworld/So tired/Something or nothing/Suicidal man
Royal Sound S TKR 188   THAI picture sleeve
World ballads collection
Storm CD        
You can't keep a good band down 1970-1976
Castle Music 7CD CMXBX527 2002 UK  

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