Original (and other) versions  of Uriah Heep-songs

Across the miles (1) Written by Petrick/Sullivan from Sonic Origami First released by Survivor
    Survivor LP/CD/MC Too hot to sleep   USA 1988
  CD Survivor CD This survivor - the greatest hits   EU 2012
Come away melinda (3) Written by Hellerman/Minkoff from ...very 'eavy ...very 'umble First released by Harry Belafonte
  CD Belafonte, Harry CD Harry Belafonte Compilation D 1989
  CD UFO CD The decca years Compilation D 1993
  2CD White Band, Dave 2CD Heepsteria   GB/USA 2000
Hold your head up (3) Written by Rod Argent/Chris White from Raging Silence First released by Argent
  CD Argent CD Hold your head up Compilation USA 2000
  CD Argent CD Super rock session 2 Compilation NL 1988
  CD Lawton John CD Rebel/Zar     2001
Hot night in a cold town (2) Written by Cushing-Murray/Littlefield from Abominog First released by John Cougar
  CD Cougar, John LP/CD Nothin'matters and what if I did     1980
    Kay, John & Steppenwolf LP/CD Wolftracks   CAN 1982
Lifeline (1) Written by Roddy/Medica/Frederikson/Haselden from Raging Silence First released by Le Roux
    Le Roux CD/LP/MC So fired up   USA 1983
Lonely nights (1) Written by Adams/Vallance from Head first First released by Bryan Adams
    Adams, Bryan CD/LP/MC You want it, you got it   USA 1981
Love is blind (1) Written by Carbne and Zito from Head first First released by John O'Banion
  LP O'Banion, John CD/LP/MC John O'Banion   USA 1981
Love stealer (4) Written by Phil Wainman/Richard Myhill. from Conquest. First released by Hello
  LP Bear, Richard T. LP Bear   VS 1979
  CD Hello CD Hello   D 1995
    Lloyd, Ian CD/LP Goose bumps   UK 1979
  LP Richard, Cliff LP Silver   UK 1983
On the rebound (2) Written by Russ Ballard from Abominog First released by Russ Ballard
    Ballard, Russ LP Barnet dogs   GB 1980
  CD Ballard, Russ CD Barnet dogs/Into the fire   GB 2014
Prisoner (2) Written by Cooper/Lance/Riparetti from Abominog First released by Sue Saad & the Next
  LP Saad, Sue & the Next LP/CD Sue saad & the next   USA 1980
    Easton, Sheena LP/CD Take my time   UK 1981
That's the way that it is (3) Written by Paul Bliss from Abominog First released by the Bliss Band
  LP Bliss band, the LP/CD Neon smiles     1979
  CD Bonnet, Graham LP/CD Line-up   UK 1981
    President, the LP/CD By appointment of   NL 1983
Tin soldier (6) Written by Marriott/Lane from Abominog junior EP First released by Small Faces
    Small Faces LP/CD There are but four small faces   UK 1967
  CD Small Faces CD Teenage rebels - silver machine compilation   1991
    Earth Quake LP/CD Rocking the world   USA 1975
    Humble Pie LP/CD Go for the throat   UK 1981
    Scorpions 2LP/CD Comeback   D 2011
    Transatlantic 2LP/CD Kaleidoscope   UK 2014
When the war is over (3) Written by Prestwich from Raging silence First released by Cold Chisel
  CD Cold Chisel CD Chisel     1991
  2CD Cold Chisel 2CD Ring side     2003
  CD Farnham, John 2LP/CD/MC Full house     1991

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