Bernie Shaw


Vocals: 11/86 - now

Album Artist Format Year Remarks
Picking locks Collins, Dale & Bernie Shaw CDS 1999  
The wishing well Gosh CDS    
Grand prix Grand Prix LP/MC/CD 1980  
Which way will the wind blow/Feels good Grand Prix S 1980  
Which way will the wind blow/Which way will the wind blow Grand Prix S 1980 promocopy
Matase alba Iris CD 2002  
Mayhem Mortice CD 2003  
Turn the tables Praying Mantis S  1982  
Demorabilia Praying Mantis/Escape 2CD  1999  
The best of ... Praying Mantis CD    
Excalibur IV Simon, Alan CD 2017  
Throwing shapes Stratus LP 1985  
666 The number one beast V.A. CD 2001 tribute to Iron Maiden
Killers on the loose again

Just like ... A tribute to Thin Lizzy

V.A. CD 2000


tribute to Thin Lizzy

Just like ... A tribute to Whitesnake



tribute to Whitesnake
Only ufo can rock me V.A. CD 2001 a.k.a. a tribute to UFO
Uriah Heep - Gebouw T - Bergen op Zoom

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