Ken Hensley


Keyboards: 18/02/1970 - 07/1980

Album Artist Format Year Remarks
The human equation Ayreon 2CD + DVD 2004  
Memphis streets/But I'm wrong Bennet Band, Cliff S 1969  
Bitte frei machen Bittlinger, Clemens CD 2011  
King biscuit flower hour presents Blackfoot CD 1998  a.k.a Live on the king biscuit flower hour; Live; Greatest hits live
On the run Blackfoot CD 2001  
Siogo Blackfoot CD/LP/MC 1983  
Vertical smiles Blackfoot CD\LP\MC 1984  
Take no prisoners Byron, David CD/LP/MC 1975  
Midnight daydream Cameron, Bruce CD 1999  
Heartbreak station Cinderella CD/2CD/LP/MC 1990  
Lovepower and peace George's Lovepower, Robin CD 2011  
Genesis Gods, the CD/2CD/LP 1968  
The gods featuring ken hensley Gods, the LP 1976 compilation
To samuel a son Gods, the CD/LP 1969  
Orgasm Head Machine CD/LP 1970  
Blood on the highway Hensley, Ken CD 2007  
Cold autumn sunday Hensley, Ken CD 2005  
Eager to please Hensley, Ken CD/LP/MC 1975  
Elements Hensley, ken 2CD 2006  
Free me Hensley, Ken CD-S 2004 4 different kind of mixes
Free spirit Hensley, Ken CD/LP/MC 1980  
From time to time Hensley, Ken CD 1994  
Inside the mystery Hensley, Ken 2CD 2006 The last dance/Cold Autumn sunday
Lady in black (remixes) Hensley, Ken CD-S 2003 4 different kind of mixes
Live tales Hensley, Ken CD 2013  
Love & other mysteries Hensley, Ken CD 2012  
Proud words on a dusty shelf Hensley, Ken CD/LP/8T/MC 1973  
Rare & timeless Hensley, Ken CD 2018  
Running blind Hensley, Ken CD 2002  
The anthology Hensley, Ken CD 2000  
The best of ken hensley Hensley, Ken CD/LP 1990 compilation
The last dance Hensley, Ken CD 2003  
The wizard's diary - volume 1 Hensley, Ken CD/CD+DVD 2005  
"Live"!!" Hensley, Ken & Live Fire 2CD 2013  
Trouble Hensley, Ken & Live Fire CD 2013  
Faster Hensley, Ken & Live Fire CD 2011  
A glimpse of glory Hensley, Ken & Visible Faith CD 1999  
A glimpse of glory - revised version Hensley, Ken & Visible Faith CD 2001  
More than conquerors Hensley, Ken & John Wetton CD/DVD 2002  
The return Hensley Lawton Band CD/MC 2001  
Tinta y papel Mendoza, Javier CD 1999  
Hero-nation chapter three Metalium CD 2002  
Highways & angels My Two Planets CD 2001  
On a july morning Sunrize CD-S 2009  
Unfolding Rowland, Toni CD/CD+DVD 2008  
Gothic Kabbalah Therion 2CD 2007  
Toe fat one Toe Fat CD/LP 1970  
Toe fat one and two Toe Fat 2CD    
Beyond the bridges Urban Sprawl Band CD 2000  
A return to fantasy - a tribute to uriah heep  Var. Art. CD 2003 Metalium feat. Ken Hensley
Heepsteria - tribute to Uriah Heep Var. Art. 2CD 2000  
Rattle snake guitar Var. Art. 2CD 1995  tribute to Peter Green
The spirit of the black rose Var. Art.  2CD 2001 Thin Lizzy tribute
Headless children WASP LP/CD 1989  
Weed Weed CD/LP 1971  
One way or another Wetton, John & Ken Hensley CD


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