Peter Goalby


Vocals: 07/81 - 11/85

Album Artist Format Year Remarks
Sport alive/Guitar alive European Team, the S/12" 1985  
Fable Fable LP 1973  
See my face/ Thick as a plank Fable S 1973  
Lovepower and peace George's Lovepower, Robin CD 2011  
Ain't it funny/Shirt on a loser Goalby, Peter S 1975  
You are day you are night/Captains log Goalby, Peter S 1975  
Peter goalby Goalby, Peter CD 1990 unreleased
I don't wanne fight/It's all over your face Goalby's Perfect Stranger, Peter S/12" 1988  
Man with a vision Parr, John CD 1992 Guitars
Brave the storm Shy LP   Background vocals
Radio wall of sound Slade S 1991 with Noddy Holder
Bezerk Tigertailz LP 1990 Background vocals
Don't ask me how/Take good care Trapeze S    
Hold on Trapeze LP/CD 1981 USA version of Running
Live in texas - dead armadillos Trapeze LP/CD 1981  
Running Trapeze LP 1978  
Running away/Don't break my heart Trapeze S    
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