Uriah Heep

U.K, London - Shepherd's Bush



Uriah Heep - London - Shepherd's Bush 2018

Big surprise was Lee attending the band during Lady in black

Uriah Heep - Londen 2018

Lee and Russell on the drums made Lady in black very special

Uriah Heep -Londent -2018

Finally some Easy livin'

.Uriah Heep -Londen -2018

Goodbye and thank you

Uriah Heep -Londen -2018

10 minutes later

Uriah Heep - Londent -2018

The next day we visited a quiet and cold Winter Wonderland

Uriah Heep -Londen -2018

and went shopping in the city. Sunday we visited family near Luton and afterwards we flew a little delayed by fog in Amsterdam back home.

It was good to be back in the U.K.