Uriah Heep

July 1th, 2005    St-Lievens-Houtem (B)

I found Y & T not very spectaculair, so I didn't even get a picture of them on stage, sorry.

Uriah Heep in Belgium 2005   

After the set change Uriah Heep arrived a little bit delayed at stage. The gig started at almost 22.30 hour.

 Uriah Heep in Belgium

They opened with

Blood red roses and Cry freedom

 Uriah Heep in Belgium 2005

After these two songs from Raging Silence, they went for one song to the past

So tired from Wonderworld.

After this song they switch some decades with:

Words in a distance

If I Had the time

Followed by

A year or a day and Between two worlds

Lee had a lot of fun behind the drumkit.

Uriah Heep in Belgium 2005

Free me, Sunrise, The other side of midnight came before the real classic Heep songs

Gypsy, Look at yourself and sung on the first of july July morning :0)

The audience really enjoyed the gig and asked for an encore.

which they got of course with Easy livin' and

Uriah Heep in Belgium

Lady in black with a full audience choir.